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Criminal Law

The Law Firm of Richardson and Kucharski has the experience of tackling a variety of Criminal Law case from the most complex criminal matters to traffic and OVI / DUI offenses; we know how to defend our clients’ best interests in any legal situation. Our practice areas involve Criminal Law Defense matters, such as: Criminal Law, Homicides, Drug Offenses, Weapons and gun charges, OVI / DUI, Traffic Violations, Sex and Assault offenses in both State and Federal Court. We know how scary and difficult it can be to face any type of Criminal charges and how that may affect your livelihood and that of your family. The criminal justice system can be overwhelming, frustrating and mind boggling for even those who have an intimate knowledge of the law or the system. You may be feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by your case because of the emotions involved, the potential loss of your freedom and the financial hardships. We want to put your mind at ease knowing you have the most aggressive and thorough legal team representing you or your loved one.

We will work hard and investigate all the facts of your Criminal Law case with unrivaled tenacity and attention to detail. Every piece of evidence and every witness account / statement will be reviewed and analyzed to provide you with an advantage against those prosecuting you and trying to take your freedom.

Attorneys’ Richardson and Kucharski are here to assist you now with your Criminal Law case. Our passion is to help our clients attain a desirable outcome. We want to help you in your case so you can get on with your life. Contact us today in Cleveland, OH at 216-623-6600 for a consultation to discuss your criminal matter now.