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Criminal Defense Attorney in Cleveland

Being accused of serious crimes such as engaging in a physical altercation with a spouse or otherwise, or participating in drug use, can result in jail time, fines, and pose a major interruption to your life and the lives of those around you. Such charges will commandeer your life as you know it–which is frustrating, stressful, and seemingly insurmountable. In events like these, you need a devoted, diligent criminal defense lawyer who will take your case seriously.

At the law office of Richardson & Kucharski, we concentrate in practice areas such as firearms, domestic violence, sex crimes, drug crimes and misdemeanors. No matter what landed you in the situation you currently face, we can provide an aggressive defense in the courtroom, fight for your rights, and work towards the best possible outcome for your situation. No matter how difficult the case, we are up for the challenge and are sympathetic toward your circumstances.

Hiring a Prudent Domestic Violence Attorney in Cleveland

When one thinks of the term domestic violence, they often imagine a husband becoming physically abusive toward his wife out of rage. However, domestic violence doesn’t just apply to a spouse – it can apply to other family members and others who live in the household. In Ohio, one is guilty of a domestic assault if they knowingly cause or attempt to cause harm to a family or household member. As well, abuse doesn’t have to just be physical. It can also be emotional, sexual, or even economic.

Domestic violence cases are difficult to maneuver, and must be handled with the utmost care due to the delicacy of the subject matter. Domestic violence accusations and convictions can turn your world upside down–affecting you at work and in your personal and familial relationships. A domestic violence conviction is devastating and will irreparably maim your reputation. Our domestic violence attorneys have years of experience handling even the most intricate domestic assault cases and can assist you in attempting to clear your name.

Seeking an Aggressive Drug Crime Lawyer in Cleveland

Being found to be in possession of drugs is a serious offense that can result in a misdemeanor or a felony charge. The severity of the charge depends on the type of drug and the amount found in your possession at the time of the arrest. Smaller weights and amounts of different illicit substances warrant a misdemeanor charge, while greater quantities constitute a felony. Being aware of these discrepancies–and hiring an attorney that concentrates in drug crime cases in Cleveland–could be the deciding factor regarding the outcome of your case.

The punishments that can result from a drug possession charge may include incarceration, fines, and termination of certain rights (felony). Drug possession charges aren’t limited specifically to the drug itself, but can also apply to paraphernalia, which includes mechanisms/means intended for consumption, and the like.

If you are facing a drug possession charge and need legal counsel, consider reaching out to the criminal defense lawyers at Richardson & Kucharski so we can review the details of your case. Despite the chain of events that lead to your current legal predicament, each person is innocent until proven guilty. Hire a lawyer that will protect your rights and present an aggressive defense in the courtroom. We have decades of experience as a criminal defense law firm that accepts clients with drug related cases, and can advise you on your best course of action going forward.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys at Richardson & Kucharski serve clients in the Cleveland area

Those seeking legal counsel in the Cleveland area for a criminal case, are urged to contact the attorneys at Richardson & Kucharski. We are dedicated, compassionate, and assertive criminal defense lawyers who are ready to fight for our clients to ensure that their rights are protected by all means. We know that situations involving the law are oftentimes intimidating and frustrating, but the only wait to be prepared is with a solid team of Cleveland legal professionals behind you.

As a criminal defense law firm in Cleveland, we have a history of defending clients, and pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and involved–inasmuch as they are comfortable with–throughout the duration of their case. Reach out to us immediately so we can begin defending your rights and mounting a defense on your behalf.

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