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Domestic Violence Attorney in Cleveland

Domestic violence is very stressful, frustrating, and painful for the person(s) involved. Domestic violence doesn’t have to be just between spouses, in fact, it can be against any family member or person living in the household. This can be a spouse, parent, child, extended family member, grandparent, etc. As well, the abuse doesn’t have to be just physical – it can be emotional, sexual, mental, or economic.

However, like with any domestic violence case, there are always two sides to the story and judgement can’t be determined unless every person involved speaks up. If you have been accused of domestic violence, call one of our assertive domestic violence attorneys. Each person is innocent until proven guilty, and we will always treat our clients accordingly. The law office of Richardson & Kucharski in Cleveland has faced many domestic violence battles in the courtroom and will fight for your rights and can offer an assertive defense on your behalf.

What is Child Abuse in Cleveland?

No matter what state, child abuse is not tolerated. This involved the act of hurting or neglecting a child and can have damaging long-term effects on their behavior, emotions, and ability to learn later in life. Child abuse in Cleveland covers physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. If someone is kicking, biting, hitting, slapping, shoving, or forcefully restraining a child, then they are guilty of physical abuse.

Being accused of child abuse can have devastating effects on your personal and professional life. Relationships with friends and family can begin to fall apart. Child abuse allegations are devastating to a person’s reputation and credability. At the law office of Richardson & Kucharski, each client is considered innocent until proven guilty–and we do our best to help you voice your account of the events. We have dealt with many child abuse cases and understand the emotional toll it can have on all parties. If you have been accused of child abuse, our domestic violence lawyers are well equipped to provide a defense and protect your rights.

What is Elder Abuse in Cleveland?

Just as with children, elderly individuals can experience abuse. Children as well as older people can be difficult to care for and it can be frustrating and stressful for some caregivers. However, there is never an excuse for abusing an elder, or other vulnerable person. Elder abuse, as with any case of domestic violence, covers physical, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse. Many older persons suffer from debilitating illnesses that are already stressful and painful. Just like with children, elderly people are especially vulnerable to abuse.

While many elderly persons do suffer from some form of abuse, and this, of course, is never condoned, at times, different actions are misconstrued. Being accused of elder abuse is a very serious charge, one that you do not want to be the target of–especially if you are trying to fulfill a duty. If this is happening to you, give us a call. Our domestic violence lawyers understand what constitutes domestic violence in elders and can investigate claims being made against you. We will work hard to protect your rights and discuss possible outcomes for your case.

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If you are accused of domestic violence, you will need to fight these domestic violence charges or claims with a robust defense. Give us a call for a free evaluation of your case.

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