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Firearms Lawyer in Cleveland

Under the United States Constitution’s 2nd amendment, all US citizens have a right to bear arms. However, there are laws in each state that one must follow in order to obtain, use, and carry a firearm–including in Ohio. These laws are designed to protect citizens from dangerous persons who would otherwise use a firearm for reasons other than self-defense on another. While there are some who are not responsible with firearms and end up facing serious consequences with the law, others simply want to carry for their protection and are law-abiding citizens.

If you want to learn more about the gun laws in Ohio or have had your gun rights violated by law enforcement, you should consult with an experienced gun rights lawyer in Cleveland. We can explain to you what your gun rights are and how gun laws work in Ohio. If your gun rights were violated, we can represent you in court and build a solid legal defense to fight for your rights. Our firearms attorneys are compassionate and aggressive individuals who are well trained in this area of law.

A Breakdown of Gun Laws for Felons in Cleveland

When applying for a firearms license, there is certain documentation that you have to provide and certain requirements you have to meet before it is accepted. The state of Ohio will not just give anyone a firearm, especially if you are a felon. However, unless you were charged with a certain type of felony charge, there is still a possibility that you can apply for a firearm license. In Ohio, there are a few different ways that an application can be denied, for instance:

  • If you received a felony charge that involved the illegal possession, use, sale, administration, or distribution of or trafficking in a drug of abuse
  • A misdemeanor offense for violence
  • An offense involving a peace officer

There are many other requirements under Ohio law when filing for a license to carry a concealed weapon, however, the ones above apply to felons. If you have applied for a concealed weapons permit and were denied, then you should seek legal defense help. We can review your application and let you know why you were denied. If it was a mistake within your criminal record, we can take a look at your case and figure out how best to resolve the situation.

The Law on Weapons Charges in Cleveland

It is not uncommon for individuals to travel with a loaded firearm in their vehicle, especially with untrustworthy people traveling the road. However, there are laws and penalties that apply to firearms while they are in motor vehicles. Some of these weapons charges include improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle and using weapons while intoxicated. In Ohio, it is unlawful to:

  • Disarm a firearm in or on a motor vehicle.
  • Have a loaded firearm in a vehicle where a person can access it without leaving the vehicle.
  • Have a firearm in a motor vehicle that isn’t in plain sight, unloaded, in a box, etc.
  • Have a firearm in a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Depending on which portion of this section of the law is violated, an individual can receive a misdemeanor or felony for a charge of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle. This includes using a weapon while intoxicated. If you have received such a charge and you feel it was unjustified or that your 2nd amendment rights were violated, then call the law office of Richardson & Kucharski. Our 2nd amendment lawyers have years of experience handling all manner of gun law cases and will aggressively fight for your gun rights in Cleveland. We will evaluate your case and investigate the circumstances surrounding your weapons charge. If there was indeed an injustice committed against you, we will take it to court and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

The Firearms Lawyers at Richardson & Kucharski serve clients in the Cleveland area

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each American has the right to bear arms and should be respected by members of the law. While there are some laws and penalties that pertain to each state regarding carrying a concealed weapon, this right is still available to every US citizen. Our firearms lawyers are compassionate about gun rights and will help you maintain yours.

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