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Misdemeanor Lawyer in Cleveland

There are two different types of charges that one can receive upon being arrested for a crime – a felony or a misdemeanor. Serious crimes such as rape, murder, and robbery will land you with a felony charge that will likely be accompanied with a lengthy prison sentence time, fines, and will impact your life in other ways as well. Other, more minor crimes such as petty theft, reckless driving, public intoxication, and vandalism would, depending on the circumstances, warrant a misdemeanor charge.

Certain types of misdemeanors can prevent you from owning a firearm in Cleveland, obtaining a concealed carry weapons license (CCW), and getting a job – this would depend as each employer is different. Misdemeanors that pose a problem would be domestic violence offenses, an offense of violence, and a marijuana, including paraphernalia, possession offense. If you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, let us handle your defense. We will examine your case, discuss possible options for you, and fight for your rights. Our criminal defense lawyers concentrate in many types of misdemeanor offenses.

What is Petty Theft in Cleveland?

In Ohio, a charge of petty theft is given if a person takes something that belongs to another person or business. This can be done through intimidation, deception, threat, or without consent of the person. Shoplifting from a store is a common form of petty theft and usually constitutes a misdemeanor penalty as long as what is stolen amounts to $1000 or less. If the amount exceeds $1000 but is not greater than $5000, the charge is upgraded to theft and can carry a felony charge.

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), a good portion of shoplifters are amateurs; they shoplift more out of social or personal pressures in their lives rather than for criminal reasons or financial need or want. Shoplifting, as well, causes problems for more than just the offender. It increases a store’s security expenses, creates more burden for police and the courts, increases the prices of goods for consumers, costs communities lost dollars for sales tax, and causes harm to families and children. The law office of Richardson & Kucharski has years of experience working with petty theft cases and can provide legal defense help catered to your situation.

Handling Disorderly Conduct in Cleveland

Disorderly conduct in Cleveland is exactly how it sounds – a person disturbing the peace with inappropriate behavior. There are many types of behaviors that one can exhibit that would warrant a disorderly conduct charge and these include:

  • Being violent, fighting, or arguing with another person.
  • Being loud, using offensive language, or making offensive gestures to others.
  • Insulting, taunting, or challenging someone to elicit a violent response from a person.
  • Preventing a person or group of people from moving on a road, public street, highway, etc.
  • Doing something that is offensive to another or has the potential to cause physical harm to another.

A person can also be charged with disorderly conduct if they are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, also known as public intoxication. In Ohio, a disorderly conduct charge is considered a misdemeanor in the fourth degree unless certain circumstances apply then charges are upgraded accordingly. Depending on the behavior that is exhibited and the conditions that result in disorderly conduct, other charges can be combined with this minor crime such as simple assault, trespassing, vandalism, discharging a firearm within city limits, etc.

The Misdemeanor Lawyers at Richardson & Kucharski serve clients in the Cleveland area

While a misdemeanor is less severe than a felony, it can be equally disruptive to your daily life. That is why it is imperative that you consult with a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling these kinds of cases. If you received a misdemeanor, whether justified or not, our team of assertive lawyers can provide an aggressive defense so that we can achieve a positive outcome for your case.

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