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DUI and DWI cases can be difficult to manage. The state of Ohio groups refers to these cases as Operating a Vehicle while under the Influence (OVI) violations, and in too many cases, the state wins. OVI laws are set up to help law enforcement crackdown on drunk driving, but they don’t help everyday people find true justice in the system. The legal limit isn’t zero for a reason, and many people facing OVI charges are not as guilty as they might appear at first glance. If you’re facing your first OVI violation, you should talk to a lawyer about your case. If you’re facing a repeat violation, you need to consult legal counsel.

How Can an Ohio OVI Lawyer Help with my Case?

OVI cases are not run of the mill traffic violations. They involve heavy fines, jail time and other serious consequences. A lawyer is your best defense in preventing or mitigating these sentences. Help comes in a number of ways.


Advise Discretion

Often times the most important part of a defense is not saying and doing things that might be incriminating. Even one meeting with an attorney can be enough to steer you away from most forms of this trouble.


Dot the I’s

The legal process involves filing and paperwork. Part of your law firm’s job is to make sure you are prepared for any and every appointment. They’ll also handle the filing to prevent any clerical errors from causing you injustice.


Negotiate With the Prosecution

This is often the most important part of the lawyer’s job. A solid OVI attorney has the experience, knowledge and skills to negotiate. They’ll know when to push for wet reckless, a plea bargain or a smaller sentence. Some cases will be cut and dried, but most aren’t. Repeat offenses, extenuating circumstances, unclear or inadmissible BAC tests and countless other details can derail a prosecution and prevent you from facing the worst possible sentences.


Maintain Your Mindset

OVI charges are intimidating, and many people make mistakes when faced with the enormity of the situation. The confidence of having a professional behind you is usually enough to keep you from exacerbating the situation, and that positive mentality will keep the process from being as terrible as it could be.


If the lawyer’s job is to do their utmost to keep you out of trouble, then you need that help as soon as possible. As soon as charges are brought against you, you’ll have an opportunity to seek legal counsel. Use it. In the worst case scenario, a short meeting will be enough to tell you that you can represent yourself and take a standard penalty. In many other cases, your legal team will be the key to your freedom.


Take advantage of your free legal consultation, and get a view of your case through an experienced, professional lens. The worst thing you can do is miss an opportunity to avoid unnecessary fines, suspensions and imprisonment. Even if you can’t avoid every penalty, why wouldn’t you do everything possible to minimize your sentence?

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